What I Learned from my Goals for Journalism First Cycle

My first goal was to create an article that can keep the reader interested throughout the entire thing.

Here is what I learned:

  1.  From the article How to Generate Reader Interest in What you Write by Philip Yaffe, I learned that it is crucial to start off the article by something that will convince the reader that it will be worth their time and effort to read. If this doesn’t happen, it does not matter how good the rest of the text is. The reader will not put in that effort to read.
  2. From the article Three NLP Techniques To Keep Your Readers Interested by Rintu Basu, I learned that telling stories helps keep people interested because it livens up the usual dry, factual text.
  3. From the blog post Stir Reader Curiosity by Beth Hill, they talk about how you should leave bread crumbs for your readers to create curiosity. “We want to waken them to the possibilities of our stories,” said Hill.

My second goal was to try and find good information about the angle of my article in order to make it more in depth.

Here is what I learned:

  1.  From the article Finding Good Information on the Internet by Kevin McCluney, I learned that it is okay to use scientific papers because they have a lot of facts and experiments to back up those facts.
  2. From the article Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need, it tells you what websites to use for what topic you are looking up, so now I know I can find different information depending on the website and what I search
  3.  From the article Finding Information for Your Research Paper, I learned when to use a source and when to not. Now I know what information is credible when I find good information online.

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